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There are  ways to build your business in the cloud. Build the best version.

By combining the interoperability of Microsoft’s building blocks with the ingenuity of a Swiss engineering partner.

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    Slash infrastructure costs by ~30%

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    Streamline your biz ops from head to toe

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    Set yourself up to win more customers

Death by spreadsheet or death by solution overload?

Maybe you’re stuck in a mess of manual processes.  Or maybe you’ve got the kitchen sink of tech stacks.  Either way, it’s bogging down your business:

  • Your workflows are clunky

  • You’re not moving fast enough

  • You’re flushing cash down the drain

The thing is:

You don’t need more solutions. You need to do more with less.

Ditch your clutter of tools for apps that play nice together. Establish a single source of truth. Turn data into decisions.

On a single platform that connects every little corner of your business. 

Services that give SMBs a leg up

Design your unfair advantage with Microsoft cloud computing

  • Add custom features and functionalities

    Want better analytics? An AI-powered virtual agent? A super savvy reporting capability?

    Ask us to enrich your existing software with the features you’re missing. We use Microsoft’s innovative building blocks to deliver the goods.

    More about feature-add services

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  • Migrate and modernize rusty, dusty applications

    You’ve been thinking about moving that thing to cloud. But just the thought of it is making you sweat.

    Save yourself the downtime and drama by letting us handle it. And get it done right.

    More about migrating and modernizing

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  • Build in the cloud without a shred of doubt

    Things are so much clearer when you’ve got a savvy cloud partner pointing you in all the right directions—out of the box.

    Let’s create a cloud native application or an entire suite. 100% tailored to your business objectives.

    More about building from scratch

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  • Take advantage of DevOps talent on tap

    This season of pink slips and skill shortages is leaving companies scrambling. We get it.

    We have roughly 1,800 architects, engineers, developers, and testers available. Get our handpicked pros to step in and see your project through.

    More about team and staffing support

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Whether your problem is a mountain or a molehill, we’ll tailor our service to your needs

“A partner who understands our vision”

Tobias Oden

“A partner who understands our vision”

We finally got an application that truly supported and improved our business.

The software has made our sales process smooth and efficient, reduced the potential for human error to almost zero, and given us a competitive advantage.

Best of all, we don’t just feel like we have a developer; we have a partner who understands our vision and cares about our success.

—Tobias Oden, COO, Memox Innovations AG

“OK, but who are these guys?”

You’re looking at eigercloud. A Microsoft partner based in Lucerne, Switzerland.

We’ve got a thing for growing small and medium-sized businesses. You see, we want to give you a leg up in your market.

But there’s a catch: we only work with companies who believe in customer-led growth.

If that sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.

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